Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is committed to making cycling a safe, enjoyable and practical mode of transport.


The following free services are available to anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough:

Cycle Skills: Get tailored training at a level suited to your needs, or book a lesson for the family (with up to three participants)! Choose from Basic (off-road environment), Urban (quiet local roads) or Advanced (complex junctions and busy roads).

Please note that we are open for bookings for all Cycle Skills session. Between 8th and 28th March, we are only allowed to have one attendee per session. From 29th March onwards, we can have up to 3 riders again per session.

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Schools Cycle Training: For schools wishing to book a course, see more details and book here.


Other services provided by Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Dr Bike Sessions: Have an experienced mechanic check that your bike is in good order. No need to booking, visit Bikeminded for dates and details.

Maintenance Courses: Free bike maintenance courses are available at the Bikeworks Hub on Saturdays. Visit Bikeminded for more details and to book a place.

Try Before You Buy: If you want to start cycling but are unsure about the initial expense of buying a bike then consider 'Try before you bike’: a brand new bike and accessories for just £20 per month, or an eBike from £50 per month, and the option to return the bike if you're not enjoying the experience. Visit Peddle my Wheels for more details and to sign up.

Themed rides: We organise a variety of themed rides throughout the year. Please check the Bikeminded website for more details.

Social Cycling Programme: We offer drop-in sessions in small groups, for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. Please get in touch for details by emailing:

Free copies of cycle maps detailing routes in the borough are available from the TFL website.

For other cycling enquiries these contact information may be useful :